Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adventures in Black Mold Removal!

These last few months I have been sick, REALLY sick. As in I have to have once to twice a week fluids and I have a semi permanent iv, called a picc line, in my arm. More about that later though. THIS post is about our epic adventures in mold removal.

A few weeks ago I found some mold in Will's room. We moved him into our room and called the landlord. He sent a plumber out and they said that they couldn't really do anything unless the wall was open so he could find the leak. So our landlord was just going to come over and treat the mold himself. Then on Friday we found WAY more mold and called our landlord again to say we would be willing to do the demo and recreation of the walls if he paid for the materials. He said sure and so our epic adventure began. Luckily it only took 2 tries to find the leak. It was our upstairs neighbor's TOILET....Yeah, gross. Unfortunately Stephen was right under the pipe when we found it out and he got dumped with toilet water, albeit "clean" toilet water. The more we demo the more mold we find.

The first of the black mold revealed!
 We are SO excited to begin demo!
 Slightly more yuck...

 We found the problem, sewage, yummy, yummy.
 The offending pipe. My DSLR sure does show the poop and pee residue in perfect detail, don't you think?

Day 2 Progress. We just keep finding MORE and MORE mold. Also the plaster is just crumbling in our hands.

Stephen has been doing most of the work because, frankly, I just don't have any energy. But we are having a great time!

More pictures to come!

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